Welcome to MeltingTop Games! We're your newest friendly local game store (FLGS) conveniently located in northeast Lynnwood, central to the northern Puget Sound cities.

What does "MeltingTop" mean?

MeltingTop is a combination of the words "melting pot" and "tabletop." We aim to be your tabletop store that values all types of games and gamers. We carry many types of games and with our spacious gaming space, we hope to bring the community together to learn and play all sorts of games. All gamers welcome!

Do you sell food and drinks?

We sell many prepackaged snacks and drinks but no full meals. We do have some great neighbors with great food though!

Snacks: chips, cookies, beef jerky, energy bars, nuts, candy, chocolate

Drinks: soda, energy drinks, water, juice, coffee, and BEER!

I don't see a game/accessory I'm looking for. Are you able to order it?

Absolutely! Just let us know what you're looking for and we'll check to see if we can order it and get you a price.

Do you buy/sell singles?

While we sell Magic and Star Wars: Destiny singles, we do not buy singles at this time.


I don't see an event for what I'm interested in. Can you set one up? Can I help set one up?

Absolutely! Just let us know what you're interested in. If there's enough inquiries, we'll look to set up new events. If you'd like, you can even help with the planning and organization.

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